Because we make our chocolate in microbatches, we are able to create personal, unique flavors and concoctions for special events, weddings, birthdays, or just because. Our 1 kg batch can be delivered in a single block or poured into 3o bars.

Raw or roasted, dark, mylk, white or a blend, we are able to create something delicious and completely unique for your gathering or your business:

  • Say thank you to your clients with a delicious bar of organic chocolate.
  • Celebrate your wedding with individually wrapped bars with love quotes tucked inside.
  • Appreciate family with bespoke chocolate for the holidays.
  • Self care: a daily chocolate bar!

Whether you prefer plain with vanilla or exotic dried fruit and nuts, something smoky or something sweet, we can create your dream chocolate.

Be creative designing a custom label, or choose one of ours.

what others are saying:

“What can I say about Talamanca Chocolate? If you haven’t tried them by now you should! Ancel takes great care in creating exceptional chocolate for her clients. Every bar she’s ever made (and continues to make) for me is so full of magic and intention, explosions of organic flavor that take you to a place within that may have long been forgotten, or that calls to be explored! CaCao is medicine, and this is no exception. I invite you all to experience her chocolate: you will not be disappointed!”

Yasmin, Sun, Moon and Stars, New York

“I just want to say how AMAZING the cacao bars are. They’re bittersweet infused with goodness. You can taste the aromatic flavors of roses. It depends which flavor you choose. Each bar is unique and different. It’s a must try chocolate.”

Jane, New York