ceremonial cacao

*******Please Note: due to COVID I cannot currently ship from Costa Rica********

I feel the energy of the cacao slip into my being: warm, expansive and so loving. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I let go and both come. This is the beauty of cacao, this is her magic.”

Deeply feminine, aromatic, earthy, strong: our cacao comes from forested slopes, her heartland, and speaks to the power and energy held in the land.

The cacao we use for ceremony comes from Doña Melba who has been tending her trees as long as she can remember. Her family goes back generations on these same slopes, hundreds of years growing the cacao, using her for medicine, for ritual, for food. Now she shares it with us, happy for the cacao to reach new hands, new hearts.

For the BriBri, cacao is a transformed girl, traditionally only women were permitted to work with her. We feel for this special cacao the same need: only Doña Melba, her daughter AnaMarie, Ancel and Doña Ana have touched the cacao between harvest and shipping. Three BriBri women and a Scot, laughter and chocolate flow freely between us.

Each pour of ceremonial cacao is individual, we make it to order, and that means we make it for you. What intentions do you wish to set in your cacao? Which crystals would you like tempered in? Cacao is a beautiful spirit, sensuous, wise, healing. She loves to work in ceremony. How will you work with her?