Chocolate Apprenticeship

person slicing chocolate with a knofe

Join us for 1 month

Would you love to make chocolate? Ready to change your life, or hoping to add a new skill to your repertoire? Join us for a month in our chocolate kitchen learning everything there is to know about chocolate making from bean to bar. We grow our own organic cacao and harvest and ferment our own beans, if you come during harvest season you’ll be part of the harvesting process too. Regardless of what month you come you’ll learn every step of chocolate making. Join our alumni now enjoying their own chocolate making businesses in the US, Costa Rica and Japan!

What will I learn?
  • The beauty of cacao farming with understanding of exactly where chocolate begins: in the forest
  • Selecting beans, what to look for, what makes a great chocolate
  • Hand roasting, cracking, winnowing and milling cacao
  • The art and science of tempering
  • How to work with percentages, roasts, sweeteners
  • How to create flavours and inclusions
  • Working with types of chocolate from ceremonial cacao to vegan white chocolate
  • How to label, market and sell your chocolate

This is an excellent opportunity to become a team member of a small, successful tree to bar chocolate business. There will be lots of hands on learning and plenty of practice here in the chocolate kitchen.

Live onsite for a full immersive experience. We are a 48 acre cacao and fruit farm with a thriving garden of fruits, vegetables and spices. Being a part of the farm will give you an unforgettable experience.

What we look for in an apprentice

We take only 1 chocolate apprentice each month: our expectations are quite high! You must be absolutely motivated and enthusiastic about cacao and chocolate making! You will be here to learn everything I have to share and teach and hopefully learn as much as you can.

You will be a full member of our small team, living and eating with us. We are a working farm so there are chores to do and dogs, cats and domestic birds are an important part of our daily lives. We eat an almost vegan diet, with the exception of fresh eggs from our birds. Days begin at 8am and end at dinner time. To get as much as possible out of your experience we will work together 6 days a week.

This apprenticeship is an organised program, the cost of which is $960 for the month. This includes all training, experience, accommodation and 3 healthy, vegan and organic, where possible, meals a day.

Please contact us if you would like to be considered.