Over 90% of the world’s cacao comes from small family farms like ours, with our forested trees, small batch fermentation, and sun drying process. If you love chocolate, this chocolate explorer kit will strengthen and deepen your relationship with the world’s favorite bean!

It’s part of our work to explore chocolate, to see how the bean changes as we move through the steps of turning raw seeds into finished chocolate, and we realized that we’d love to share this exploration. With this kit you will journey from the freshest possible beans all the way through to a bar of 70% dark chocolate.

We hope to lead you on a journey of discovery:

  • explore the bright citric tang of the fruit
  • understand the role fermentation has on developing the taste of the bean
  • appreciate what roasting does and how it develops the character and flavor of the chocolate
  • experience how conching and tempering adds to the depth and mouthfeel of the chocolate.

Each kit contains enough cacao and chocolate for 4 people to explore, it comes with notes on each stage of the process along with suggestions for what to look for in terms of flavor, texture and appearance. This is a sensory experience, we want you to feel like you’re here on the farm with us, meeting a fresh batch of cacao. We encourage you to roast for yourselves, to see how the bean changes, what will be your favorite roast?

It’s an ideal entry into what chocolate is and where it comes from.

We eat chocolate every day. It’s part of our daily preventative medicine; it’s a way we share time and each other’s company, it’s a way to bond and relax at the end of the work day; it’s a way to envigorate and spark our creativity. It’s food for our body, soul and mind, the life blood of our work. We’re so excited to share our work with you.

cacao nibs
cacao nibs

what others are saying:

“What can I say about Talamanca Chocolate? If you haven’t tried them by now you should! Ancel takes great care in creating exceptional chocolate for her clients. Every bar she’s ever made (and continues to make) for me is so full of magic and intention, explosions of organic flavor that take you to a place within that may have long been forgotten, or that calls to be explored! CaCao is medicine, and this is no exception. I invite you all to experience her chocolate: you will not be disappointed!”

Yasmin, Sun, Moon and Stars, New York

“I just want to say how AMAZING the cacao bars are. They’re bittersweet infused with goodness. You can taste the aromatic flavors of roses. It depends which flavor you choose. Each bar is unique and different. It’s a must try chocolate.”

Jane, New York