20g of organic, hand-cured cacao and hibiscus leaf smoking blend, packaged in reusable pouch


A fine, satisfying smoking blend made from hand harvested and hand cured young cacao leaves. Smooth, flavorful and relaxing this blend is a careful mix of organic hand selected cacao leaves and organic hand selected hibiscus leaves.

Completely free of synthetic anything and tobacco-less, this is a great choice for those who wish to honor cacao or are looking for an alternative to tobacco.

Cabacco can also be used as an offering for altars.

Available in a 20g, reusable pouch.

Please make sure you are of legal age to smoke when ordering.

Shipping: Because I ship directly from the farm to your address, this shopping cart cannot estimate the cost of shipping from Costa Rica. Shipping is by weight. For an order to the US or Canada cost is $5. If you are ordering from Europe, or further afield, please contact me.

Additional information

travel size

$7 great for sampling or on the go

2 oz

$12 in a resealable pouch

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