Chocolate Bar Selection


A tempting collection of 20 of our 75% bars, seasonally selected.


An introduction to our many delicious flavors of chocolate. This box will contain 20 bars (28grams per bar). We source almost all our inclusions from the farm and use seasonal ingredients: this selection will be a journey through the seasons as flavors come and go. The base is a 75% dark chocolate grown here on the farm. The sweetener is a dehydrated cane juice from Don Christien’s organic farm in the mountains about 80 miles from here.

This selection will come from our best and most popular bars, and may include both roasted and raw cacao bars. Here’s a peek into what might be included:

  • Love Crush: sour Lovi-Lovi fruit with crystalized ginger
  • Clockwork Orange: Cacao nibs, coffee and orange oil
  • Buttered Toast: roasted cacao butter and toasted rice
  • Caribe Crunch: salted plantain chips
  • Azteca: amaranth, chili and orange oil
  • Che’s Last Cigar: chipotle
  • Coca Kola: kola nut and coca leaf
  • Three Sisters: Cupuasu and Pataxte (two sister species to Cacao)
  • Olmec: with the roasted flowers of the Rosita de Cacao tree
  • Totonac: with our own vanilla beans
  • First Time Tea: nutmeg and cinnamon
  • Deep Forest: turkey tail mushroom, kava and cinnamon
  • Moustache: almonds and raisins
  • Saltlick: Himalyan Pink Salt
  • Tryp: Durian
  • Passion Fruit: passion fruit
  • Out To Lunch: rosemary and olive oil
  • Sweet Almond and Sea Salt
  • The Future is Rosy: rose essence

If you would like this to be sent as a gift, please include the name of the lucky recipient and a message in the notes section of your order.

As always shipping is included for orders from the US. Please let us know if you are ordering from outside the USA. Thank you!

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