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Chocolate is actually both a medicine in itself and a fantastic delivery mechanism for other medicines. By itself a dark chocolate (75% and above) will:

  • deliver abundant antioxidants,
  • stimulate the heart
  • and the cardiovascular system,
  • open the capillaries
  • lower blood pressure
  • improve digestion
  • relax muscles
  • ease cramps and coughs
  • make us feel good about ourselves (endorphins!)
  • help us detox
  • stimulate the liver
  • and many more benefits

As an aid to the cardiovascular and digestive systems, it will also help improve the rate and effect of plant medicines when we combine them with chocolate.

I am delighted to create a bar a day support as part of your regular intake of medicinal plants and herbs**. After a consultation to gain a better understanding of what you are working with or on, I’ll create a flavored chocolate bar to take each day. Each bar weighs 30 grams, depending on the % of cacao, that equals a meditative dose of cacao if consumed all at once. Please contact me here to arrange your consultation.

Each order is for 30 bars, enough to last approximately 1 month. Cost is $57, plus shipping (see below).

What people are saying about their chocolate is medicine bars:

“All it took was one bite and I was hooked. This chocolate was like no other chocolate I’ve ever tasted. It was pure mana from heaven, made for the gods.
I was blessed to be gifted 60 bars and for the next 2 months had a bar a day, savoring each delicious bite. I could feel its richness and goodness was infusing my body with healing powers and lovingly restoring my energy. And now, I would not go a day without my bar of chocolate is medicine.
It gives me a gentle and constant lift so that my days are much more productive and my mood stays positive and I remain centered, and optimistic and more loving towards myself and others. And did I mention that it is absolutely delicious????
More than a treat, this chocolate is a MUST!!!!”

Tziporah Salamon, New York City


“I’m so, so happy with my chocolate! I’ve made it a ritual before breakfast each morning to sit in silence and enjoy one, just one. I melt it in a small cup of hot water and it’s become part of my morning journaling. I love the herbs you used! I’d been taking the yarrow as a tincture and couldn’t believe the synchronicity of you using it with chocolate. I feel it’s making a difference and my moons are so much more mellow, with less mood swings too! I won’t let anyone touch my chocolate! Can’t wait to see what I’ll get next!”

Nicola, Quebec

**Please note**

Chocolate is medicine bars do not replace regular medical care or attention. Please make sure you take care of yourself by seeing a qualified practitioner who can look you in the eye and listen. Chocolate does lower blood pressure and interferes with MAIO inhibiters. It can also affect some anti-depressant medication, please check with your doctor first. If pregnant, it is wise to consume no more than 30 grams of cacao per day.

Shipping: Because I ship directly from the farm to your address, this shopping cart cannot estimate the cost of shipping from Costa Rica. Shipping is by weight. For an order of 30 bars to the US or Canada cost is $28. If you are ordering from Europe, or further afield, please contact me.

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