the connoisseur’s guide to chocolate percentages



Have you ever wondered what chocolate percentages are all about?!

The percentage refers to the proportion of cacao in the chocolate bar– the higher the percentage, the stronger and more good for you the bar. The majority of our bars are 75% cacao, that’s what we feel works really well with our flavors while being a great for you bar of chocolate. Personally we eat lots of 100% and 84% chocolate, it can be a little strong at first, but we love how good we feel with less sugar and more cacao! We melt our 100% bars into a little hot water for an espresso style drink, or nibble a little throughout the day.

This guide will take you all across the chocolate spectrum from a sweet, 40% bar to a pure 100%. These bars all use the same cacao beans so that you can really taste the difference between the percentages. We hope this will help you develop an appreciate for dark chocolate and also allow you to identify your ideal percentage.

What is the rest of the percentage that isn’t cacao? Sugar! That means a 40% bar is a whopping 60% sugar. Our milk chocolate bar comes in at a 50%, we don’t make anything less than that: we’ve made this 40% purely for you to compare (aren’t we sweet?).

This connoisseur’s guide works really well with our Explorer’s Guide which gives you everything you need to explore the cacao itself, from freshly dried cacao beans with their pulp intact, to a roasting guide and beans. Together they make a great introduction to the world of chocolate. We offer a special deal if you order both kits together, please see our Complete Guide to Chocolate.

What’s included in the Connoisseur’s Guide?

  • detailed guide to the art and science of tasting chocolate
  • samples of 40, 50, 65, 75, 85 and 100% chocolate (36 individual chocolates)

As always, our cacao and chocolate is certified organic and comes directly from our farm. We use certified organic pressed cane juice from a local family farm.

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