Eva Dalak

“My healing journey that Eva has played a huge role in facilitating began during a camping trip to Big Sur.  I had met Eva only two times before this trip.  I had a moment of sharing with her about my family situation and a few hours later Eva was guiding me in the most loving/nurturing soul healing session on the most beautiful mountain top.  As the months rolled by, she had remained a constant source of love and wisdom. Often, my time with her was like a “session” in that, she gave so much of herself, freely. Her friendship and facilitation has helped me tremendously in the healing that has occurred for me with my family.  Recently Eva, gave me what would be a formal session that she gives to her clients. She led me in an exercise that enabled me to tap into my inner child and ask questions.  It was so powerful!  Every time I’m in her presence I’m able to be vulnerable.  She holds such a loving and nurturing space.  
I highly recommend working with Eva.  She melds the psychological with the spiritual in such a profound way! 
Eva, thank you for opening your heart to me, and sharing your gifts with the world!  Much love to you my sister!”

Guzel, Los Angeles

Eva has the rare and precious ability to translate vague concepts of spiritual growing into day-to-day, concrete, pragmatic and “user friendly” practice. She gently took me out of my comfort zone, even when there was resistance to see myself from a different angle. 

During this time working with Eva, I also found myself inspired to make some paintings, something which I didn’t do since decades…and I now keep having this inspiration turned on in me. She encouraged me to trust my intuitions and my creativity, without judgement.

Soon, my family started to notice the changes in me. My husband, who initially was very sceptical and mistrustful, started to realize that the change was …in the good… so, was not threatening our relationship, at the contrary; he confessed to me that he got even challenged for starting to work on himself…and acknowledged his admiration for my work with Eva. 

Tizania, Belgium

” One thing about Eva one needs to understand is that she expresses more transparency than any coach or therapist I have encountered. Some boundaries that I so appreciated and wish many more facilitators or therapists would  utilize within their own practice are: personal Accountability; willing to possess vulnerability; having a strong insight on ones’ own personal objective—such as what do I want to get out of this? These are just some of her requests. I was shocked by her honesty and that she was OK with being unfit and owning it, ok with saying that did not know something when she did not know. I was also humbled by all she did know, which is A LOT and how she strongly her desires are to keep learning. She firmly believes that every person is a teacher for us. She has a humble fierceness. “

Johanna, New York

Ancel Mitchell

“Ancel is a crazy combination of wise woman, bard, fox and fairy. She has such an intense ease in her relationship with Nature, with the insects and trees she lives amongst. You could be walking with her and suddenly realize that she’s found some edible mushroom in the undergrowth, complete with brightly colored frog and beside the footprint of an animal she’s been studying. Things happen with Ancel. It’s like she’s a fey, an elf herself. Her relationship with cacao is like the relationship I want with my partner! A respectful familiarity, a joyfulness and a deep love and gratitude for the magic. Whatever she’s involved in is worth participating in. Do it! Just don’t tell her I called her an elf.”

Henny, Michigan

“If you have ever wanted to understand not only how Cacao is used to make chocolate, but also how amazing the whole Cacao tree is for it’s many health benefits then this tour is for you! Ancel is extremely knowledgable and passionate about Cacao and introduces you to the history of the tree in the region before getting into both it’s health properties and how it’s used to make chocolate. I really wish I’d recorded what she was saying because there is no chance I will remember all of fascinating and useful things she told us about Cacao and it’s health benefits. The chocolate making process was fascinating too – the length of time for fermentation, how this changes the level of antioxidants in the chocolate, whether to roast or not, and so many other things were taught to us as we made bar chocolate and chocolate balls from the Cacao we ground ourselves. Ancel is welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable and down to earth. She’s genuine and passionate about Cacao and the consummate Cacao geek (this is apparently a thing) – she knows *so much* about it I’m sure she could host tours that lasted a full day and still have more to teach. For the three+ hours we spent on her tour it was perfect – the most enjoyable tour we took on our 2.5 weeks in Costa Rica. Highly recommended!”

Steven, Canada

“Ancel is an amazing woman with such good vibes. Her knowledge of chocolate making is that of an expert with her own beautiful twist. Being invited into her home and essentially her world was priceless and such a unique experience. I loved every minute of it. Would highly recommend.”

Yesenia, Mexico

“Meeting this true artist is one of life’s enriching experiences: we went to learn how chocolate is made. It was so much more: we loved it. The teenagers likewise had a great time: roasting and grinding the beans, flavouring and shaping the chocolate and then making and wrapping bars. The workshop is set in the owner’s extensive botanical gardens – very much a working environment. This is where she makes the chocolate she sells in the local artisan market. It was a treat to feel that as tourists we were being let into the working life of a crafts woman, and experiencing something of the art of her daily life. She was funny and engaging, hugely knowledgable about chocolate, the region, its history and peoples and we came away blown away by our few hours there. Its hard to find the words to recommend as strongly as we would like to: a very special experience. Thank you so much for an unforgettable visit.”

S, London