Making chocolate is an art, a delicious one.

The Puerto Viejo area has been growing cacao for over 400 years and now you can experience how chocolate is made by hand, as it has been for centuries, and as it is now. The smells, textures and tastes of the chocolate making process will give you a truly authentic appreciation for the most loved sweet in the world.

We have been growing organic cacao on our farm for over three decades and have been producing our award winning chocolate onsite. In this 3 hour experience you’ll participate in all aspects of the production, from roasting to wrapping.

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Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10AM – 12:30PM

Cost: $34 per person; child rate, 5-15 years $24, under 5s, no charge

Location: Talamanca Chocolate

“From the first communication to when we all drove away from Ancels, I felt like we all made a new friend, as well as a greater appreciation for the whole community that puts in such hard work to make such special chocolate. Ancel has such a vast knowledge and experience about the cacao plant and also the history of it in the surrounding area. None of us attending had any idea. We learned sooo much. All in all we each agreed this was a highlight of our trip to the area. ” -Morag 2019

“Incredible, informative and so fun! It was messy, fun, and delicious all at once. Wonderful insight into the history of cacao and a detailed hands on experience of each step of the chocolate making process. It really made me appreciate and love chocolate even more. Thanks for this wonderful experience! ” -Sharon 2019

more workshops available on-site and online!

Online Tepache Workshop

Make probiotic, fruity sodas at home!

In this experience, you’ll learn everything you need to start making immune-boosting, bubbly sodas. Start a couple of fermentation jars in your home, add some magic ingredients to make it healthy and balance the flavors, and you’ll be an artisan soda maker in no time!

I’ll be teaching a traditional Mexican recipe for a wild-fermented pineapple soda called tepache. With only a few ingredients, you can have your own delicious, fizzy, probiotic soda within a week! I’ll give some tips on how to incorporate any spices and herbs you might have growing in your garden, on your balcony, or hiding in your pantry.

What happens when soda making goes awry and ferments a little too long? Vinegar! Learn about how to use amazing, fruit-based vinegar, which has an abundance of medicinal and culinary value.

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Practical Homesteading Intensive

Next available date is TBD

Whether you’re brand new to farming or already have a permaculture project or abundant garden, this 3 day intensive will give you the tools and skills to rocket launch your homestead. With 3 full days of workshops and amazing resource files you’ll be set to truly enjoy your abundance! We believe in working in small groups to create community and really give a great learning experience–course size is limited to 8 participants. 

We will cover the basics of garden-to-table nutritious cooking, plant medicine based in Western herbalism, fermentation and food preservation techniques, and homemade body products that work for you and your garden!

Farm-to-table Fermentation

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Join me for a 2 hour exploration into tropical fermentation where we will learn about how the microorganisms work their magic, its many health benefits, why fermentation is a critical part of any thriving food system, and most importantly– how to ferment anything under the sun into something delicious!

During the workshop we’ll taste different samples and get creative starting our own ferments. We will start by making all-natural probiotic sodas using a water kefir starter, followed by homemade fruit vinegars from locally available fruits such as cacao, bananas and pineapples, and end by transforming tropical foods like jackfruit and banana flowers into salty and/or spicy kimchis.

We will be able to incorporate fruits, herbs, vegetables, and spices from right here on the farm. By the end, you will have more than enough knowledge to carry on in your own fermentation journey anywhere in the world.