Tree-to-bar organic chocolate

With 30 years of experience farming organically on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, we produce artisan, small-batch chocolate and offer workshops and other high-quality products such as ceremonial cacao.

We harvest the cacao from our highly diversified orchards, ferment, dry, roast, grind, winnow, conch, temper, and wrap all of our chocolate right here on site with our team of four.

award-winning bars

Talamanca Chocolate has won gold, silver and bronze awards in all categories (single origin, inclusions, milk, truffles) in the national Costa Rican Chocolate Competitions since 2013. Our raw chocolate has won gold every year thus far!

Our medicinal chocolates are made with raw cacao, unroasted and combined with farm fresh fruits, nuts, herbs, and spices to produce tasty treats with increased health benefits.

hands-on workshops

In this hands-on workshop, we will make a traditional drinking chocolate, rustic truffles, and learn the art of tempering bars before we design, mold, and wrap bars to take home with you.

During this 3 hour experience, you will learn the entire process of tree-to-bar chocolate making, with plenty of tasting along the way! The history, biology, and culture of cacao past and present unfolds as you learn how we cultivate the trees, develop flavor, and make our chocolate from scratch. For chocolate lovers to history buffs this is a truly satisfying and delicious experience.

Learn more about the workshops and book here.

ceremonial cacao

We offer pure cacao from our native, heirloom trees for spiritual cacao ceremonies. See our ceremonial cacao page for more details or send us a message.

bespoke batches

Looking for a unique, personalized batch of chocolates for a special occasion, or just for a Monday? We can make your dream chocolate flavor, available in small, 2kg batches. They are perfect for loved ones, events, or a self-care present. More info here.

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